Beating Dental Anxiety

Beating Dental Anxiety

Posted by STONE DENTAL GROUP on Jan 1 2018, 02:27 AM

Does the thought of visiting the dentist for your semiannual check-up make your palms sweat? A bit of dental anxiety is more common than you may think. In fact, unchecked dental worry can lead to millions of people refusing dental care. Your time in the dentist’s office does not need to be a source of worry or stress. In fact, it is a crucial component of your overall health and wellness plan.

If the dentist makes you nervous, here are a few of our time tested tips for making your next visit more pleasant.

Find a friendly dentist

The first step is to find a dental office and dentist that make you feel comfortable. It is wise to investigate your options, calling around to different offices, and even visiting, to find the right fit. You will know which office is good for you when you are treated with empathy and compassion. If you want a good place to start your search in the Chicago area, the team here at Stone Dental Group is especially welcoming to new patients and pays special attention to our clients who are nervous. We would love to show you what a caring visit looks like.

Bring along music

Many patients feel dentist anxiety simply because the entire experience is up close and personal. Your senses are working overtime, and it can be helpful if you bring along your favorite music and headphones. Patients also love listening to a podcast to aid in relaxation.

Practice makes perfect

Once you have found a dentist that you are comfortable with, take time to communicate with the staff on what makes you nervous. Over time, the staff will begin to know your preferences and accommodate those happily. The more you go to your semiannual appointments (resist the urge to skip them!), the more positive experiences you will have.

Are you ready to work with a dental office that cares for you, and about how you are feeling? Give us a call to set up your next appointment. We would love to get to know you better.

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