Getting the Most from Your Dental Insurance

Getting the Most from Your Dental Insurance

Posted by STONE DENTAL GROUP on Feb 24 2017, 11:41 PM

A healthy mouth and lovely smile are important to your overall wellbeing. Fortunately, your dental insurance is made for keeping your regular checkups and procedures from becoming too expensive. After all, your oral health is not a luxury purchase – it is a crucial component to your medical file.

In order to assure you are taking full advantage of what your dental insurance has to offer, consider if you are missing out on any chances to receive excellent dental care at a discounted cost. Here are a few of our time tested tips that can get you started in the right direction.

Don’t Wait

Be sure that you know the start and end of your plan year, and make a conscious effort to spread your dental care out over the year instead of waiting. We have found that if you wait too long and attempt to set up your family’s dental care in the last month of your plan year, it can be difficult to schedule you appropriately.

Schedule Preventative Care

Speaking of scheduling, we recommend scheduling your family’s preventative care appointments in advance as often as possible. Those two check-up and cleaning appointments you are allotted for the year? Schedule them six months apart and commit to making those appointments. Your check-up is a crucial component of your dental health care plan; we can often find any issues quickly during these appointments and take care of any follow-up appointments before the situation gets worse.

Know Your Plan

Take time to review your dental insurance plan, taking note of any deductibles or co-pays. When you know these details, it can be easier to navigate the insurance system without any financial surprises. If you aren’t sure about certain details of your plan, your dental office will be happy to help you out.

Ask For Help

Your dental office has plenty of experience working with a variety of insurance companies and plans. If you find that you are confused or overwhelmed, ask your office for guidance or better yet, call your dental insurance company. It is better to know your plan and be confident than to be confused when treatment time comes.

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