Three Cheers for Water

Three Cheers for Water

Posted by STONE DENTAL GROUP on Jun 1 2017, 10:18 AM

With warm temperatures returning, you may find yourself feeling thirsty more often. Before you start to reach for cold drinks that sport extra sugar or caffeine, consider our reasons for opting for water instead. Choosing water as your preferred drink throughout the summer doesn’t just benefit your body’s hydration levels – it’s also one of the easiest ways to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Bottoms up!

Water is sugar-free

When you reach for a sports drink or juice box instead of water, unhealthy sugars make their way into your mouth. These sugars almost always leave a residue around the teeth and gums, giving bacteria the perfect reason to set up shop in your mouth. Excess sugar and bacteria in your mouth can lead to a bevy of negative consequences including cavities and gum disease.

Water, however, boasts no sugar at all. Drinking water not only keeps extra sugar away from your mouth, but every sip also cleans your mouth of excess debris and bacteria. A clean mouth is a healthy mouth, and drinking plenty of water is the best way to clean your mouth throughout the day.

Water makes your teeth strong

Your teeth can also benefit from guzzling water thanks to fluoride. Known as “nature’s cavity fighter”, fluoride is in most tap water and can be an easy way to strengthen teeth and eliminate decay. If you are feeling unsure about the benefits of fluoride, a recent study published in February 2016 demonstrates the importance of fluoride fortified water in regards to tooth decay. Children who did not drink water with fluoride demonstrated significantly more tooth decay than children who drank water with fluoride.

Water can lead to other healthy choices

Finally, choosing water can lead to other healthy choices for your body and for your teeth. Knowing that your water bottle is better for your smile than a sugary sports drink may encourage you to choose crunchy carrots as a snack instead of a candy bar next. Who knows what other healthy oral habits you can start once water is a part of your daily routine?

Part of healthy oral care, in addition to drinking plenty of water, is to keep up with your dental visits. If you are due for your next checkup at our offices, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your smile ready for the next six months and answer any questions you may have.

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