Tips to Stay Safe from Gingivitis

Tips to Stay Safe from Gingivitis

Posted by STONE DENTAL GROUP on Jan 5 2021, 03:14 AM

A white, healthy, and natural smile is attractive in every possible sense. It boosts confidence and helps in making smooth conversations. To maintain this confidence, one needs to take care of their oral health diligently. 

This blog will rescue you from unwanted plaque and will guide you to remain safe from gingivitis. Follow these steps to protect your gum from gingivitis. 

Brush! Brush! Brush Your Teeth Twice, Daily

Brushing is something everyone knows, but to follow this routine requires determination. Do it regularly for a few days, then a few weeks, and soon it will become a habit. A good one indeed!

Change the Toothbrush Every Three Months

Even if your old toothbrush looks OK, if the bristles become harder, it need replacement. Keep an eye on the condition of the toothbrush. 

Floss Like You Mean It! 

Flossing daily would help in getting rid of the plaque and food particles stuck between the teeth. It helps in cleaning every nook and corner of the teeth and leaves you with a shiny smile. 

Use a Mouthwash

It is essential to get rid of the particles extracted during flossing. Rinse your mouth using a mouthwash. It will not only give you a fresh breath but also help keep your teeth safe from gingivitis.

Refrain from Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, or Any Other Sticky Food Items.

Smoking causes severe gum diseases like gingivitis. When the germs stay on the teeth for a long time, they get converted into plaque and tartar. Teeth fall out due to the deposition of plaque. 

Limit The Sugar Intake

There is no harm in eating chocolates, sweets, and candies once in a while. However, over-consumption might lead to the formation of a thick layer of food on the teeth. To avoid this, limit the consumption of sugar as much as possible. 

Visit The Dentist Once Every Year

Regular check-up keeps your oral health updated. Follow the recommendations and take the prescribed medicines on time.

Follow these tips carefully and see the change yourself. After all, a little change in the basic routine can do wonders.

At Stone Dental Group Dentistry, we offer the best treatments for gingivitis and other gums diseases with the help of our experienced dentists.

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