Whiter Smile with Teeth Whitening

Whiter Smile with Teeth Whitening

Posted by STONE DENTAL GROUP on Feb 25 2021, 10:03 AM

Everybody loves to showcase their perfectly radiant smile. Whether in photographs or reality, a person with a bright smile could steal the thunder easily. You might have perfectly shaped teeth, but if they are dull and yellowed, then your demeanor might diminish. No worries though, we have come up with ways to help you out if you face such an issue. Keep reading for more on that!

Ways to whiten your teeth

You can opt for numerous ways to whiten your dull smile. Some of these are as follows:

  • Grab a whitening toothpaste, one that has fluoride and mild bleaching agents that would restore your bright smile. This method might take a couple of weeks to deliver the desired changes, but it is one of the most sought-after tooth whitening methods.
  • Opt for a whitening gel. You can get gels that can be applied directly to the tooth surface for a limited amount of time and give you the desired results quickly. However, you must choose a mild gel as these gels include chemicals that can irritate your gums and be a bit uncomfortable. 
  • Buy whitening strips. It is an easy way to whiten your teeth. These strips come in handy and can be directly placed on the for a specific time, and you can get wonderful results in no time. Like the gels, check the ingredients of the strips and get the milder ones for yourself.
  • You can also opt for in-office whitening treatment. It would hardly take more than an hour, and you would be ready to rock a party just after the treatment. 

Side-effects of teeth whitening

As it is a cosmetic treatment and includes bleaches to unnaturally whiten your smile, it might have some side-effects such as sensitivity and irritation in your gums. Apart from that, there is no major side-effect of teeth whitening, and you can opt for it whenever you feel like it. 

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