Your Dental Plan Ends on December 31! Here’s What You Should Do!

Your Dental Plan Ends on December 31! Here’s What You Should Do!

Posted by STONE DENTAL GROUP on Dec 2 2020, 07:37 AM

Most yearly dental insurance plans in the US are set to offer benefits from January 1 to December 31 of the same year. They would then have to be renewed at the beginning of the following year to continue the dental insurance benefits. As the end of the year is almost here, make the most of your dental insurance plan so that you do not waste any coverage you paid for.

Here’s what you should do ASAP to maximize benefits from your dental insurance plan:

Review Your Benefits

Take a look at your dental insurance plan to check when the coverage ends. Then, review the benefits your plan has to offer. Next, check the coverage amount you have opted for and how much you have spent so far, so you know how much is left for the rest of the year.

Get an Oral Exam and Preventative Care Treatment

A dental insurance plan usually covers basic dental services, exams, and treatments, along with emergency dental procedures. So, visit your dentist for a bi-annual dental checkup, get some cleaning or any preventative treatment you may require, and walk out of the dental office paying little or nothing from your pocket.

Enquire About Orthodontic or Cosmetic Coverage

If your teeth are well taken care of, and your dentist approves the same, use the remaining coverage, if any, to get orthodontic or cosmetic treatments. So, if you need implants, crowns, gum contouring, teeth whitening, teeth straightening, etc., this would be the best time to get it, provided they are covered under your plan.

Plan Your Treatment to Overlap Two Plan Years

If you need a dental treatment that may go even a little over the coverage amount offered per year, speak to your dentist to have your appointments scheduled this year and the next. This helps you cover up any amount you would have to pay out of your pocket using next year’s insurance coverage.

Now that you know exactly what to do, start reviewing your dental insurance plan right away. And give us a call to book an appointment with us for a quick consultation.

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