All on 4 Implants

All on 4 Implants

Dental implants are metal studs inserted into the jawbone so that they can hold prosthetic ceramic teeth. They are the most preferred solution to replacing missing teeth due to their excellent features, such as durability, stability, strength, and maintaining the jawbone integrity. The advancements in dentistry have allowed dentists to come up with an advanced solution to replace a large number of teeth using just four implants in each jaw - All-on-4 implants.

What are all-on-4 implants?

Patients who have lost a large number of teeth due to causes such as external trauma, aging, or any other oral infections can benefit from all-on-4 implants. As the name suggests, every single tooth of a dental bridge can be mounted on four implants. The implants will hold the teeth stable and provide the necessary strength.

What is the procedure involved?

During the initial consultation, the dentist will conduct a thorough diagnosis of the oral cavity. Various factors that decide the candidacy will be checked for, such as spacing available, jawbone strength, presence of high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Depending on these, your candidacy for all-on-4 implants will be determined.

The dentist will take highly-precise digital scans of the teeth to make digital molds. It will be sent to a dental laboratory where the prosthetic teeth will be fabricated. The dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the teeth, gums, and jawbone. Any remaining teeth in the mouth will carefully be extracted, after which the dentist will place four implants in the jawbone by making tiny holes in it. Implants will be inserted in them and secured firmly using dental cement.

The prosthetic teeth will be placed on the implants and checked for fit, comfort, and stability. A bite test will be conducted to check the bite, and if any changes are required, the dentist will make them to give you a perfect bite. The teeth may be polished to improve their appearance and make them match the natural teeth.

What are the advantages of choosing all-on-4?

  • The implants inserted into the jawbone prevent it from undergoing deterioration and shrinkage.
  • The all-on-4 implant procedure can be completed in a single day. You can walk into our dental practice in the morning, get the implants placed in the mouth by afternoon, and walk out of the practice with an entirely transformed smile by evening.
  • All-on-4 implants are the best restorative option for patients with multiple missing teeth.
  • The teeth are fixed to the implants, which in turn are attached to the jawbone. This keeps them from slipping off the mouth, as in the case of dentures.

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