Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that is mainly intended to whiten your teeth and give you a bright and beautiful smile. The process is fairly simple and wouldn’t require more than a single visit to the dentist’s practice. At Stone Dental Group, we offer customized whitening solutions according to each individual’s condition.

What are the common causes of teeth staining?

  • The teeth discolor mostly when the individual doesn’t practice optimum oral hygiene.
  • Eating a lot of artificially or naturally colored foods can stain the teeth as the staining particles can get lodged in the porous structure of the enamel.
  • Chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes can lead to severe staining of the teeth.
  • Aging can also discolor the teeth as they tend to wear with time, thereby exposing the underlying layer of dentin.

Conventional teeth whitening

The most commonly preferred type of teeth whitening is the conventional method. The dentist cleans the teeth thoroughly and applies a layer of whitening gel on them. The gel is spread evenly so that a consistent level of whitening is achieved. The gel contains Hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching chemical used in all teeth whitening gels. It releases oxygen molecules when activated, which enter the porous structure of the teeth and bleach the staining particles. After a few minutes, the gel will be rinsed off, and the procedure can be repeated multiple times to get a higher level of whitening.

Whitening at home

At-home teeth whitening trays allow patients to stay in the comfort of their homes and get whiter teeth. The dentist will provide you with whitening gel and custom-fabricated whitening trays made from dental-grade plastic. You will have to squeeze a small amount of whitening gel into the trays, spread them evenly, and place them on your teeth. Allow them to be for a few minutes and take them off when the procedure is completed. Rinse the gel and repeat the process if required.

Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a highly advanced procedure that involves the use of photosensitive whitening gel and a laser to activate it. The procedure is highly effective and produces long-lasting results. It is preferred by individuals who run on tight schedules as the process can be completed in a short span of time.

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